As referenced in part one, I’ve been conducting an annual review of myself as a means for tracking progress (or lack thereof). Overall 2012 came together pretty nicely, but I’ve got a few carryovers that I’ll move directly to 2013 along with a some new goals:


  • Visit Two More States – I’ve had 46 in the can for a couple of years. Time to knock of at least two more (Remaining: WA, OR, HI, AK). Deadline: EOY
  • 20 Days Overseas – Deadline: EOY.
  • Overnight Sailing Trip – To-date, for all the sailing I’ve done in my life I’ve never been more than a few hours from the dock. Deadline: 7.1.2013
  • 30 Days at the Lake – With a trailer, boat and dock in place. I’ve got no excuses. Deadline 10.30.2013


  • Profits Up 25% – Money doesn’t by love. But it does buy hoppy beer and plane tickets. Deadline: EOY
  • Get Some Help – I’m lucky enough to have some great developers and designers to help knock out projects. But I’ve yet to hire anyone to do work that I can do myself, even if I hate the work. I need to establish 1-2 goto sources to help manage projects, spreadsheets and billing. Deadline: 5.1.2013
  • Codify International Expertise – Throughout 2012 we launched a few international campaigns, and I hope we’re able to build on that momentum in 2013. But having a case-study or two to point to will help tell the story. Deadline: 4.1.2013
  • Website Updates – We don’t update our website nearly enough. We’ve done some really cool stuff in 2012, but haven’t updated the website to reflect it. Deadline: Once a Quarter. 


  • Compete in Two Adventure Races – Scheduling is going to be a bit tougher this year, but I’d like to compete in two 24+ hour adventure races. Deadline: EOY
  • Ski 10 Times – If you are going to live in Maine in the winter, you’d better get out and enjoy it. Deadline 4.1.2013
  • Swim Across Seneca Lake – One of those random things you want to say you’ve done when you are old if you grew up where I did. It is 1.5ish miles across in most places. How hard could it be. Deadline 9.1.2013. 
  • Bike Around Seneca Lake –  Its 80 or so miles around the lake. Very doable in a day. Deadline: 9.1.2013


  • Pay Off Lakefront Mortgage – Granted, this will depend alot on the biznass but if I work at it. I should come close to having the lake paid off. Deadline: EOY
  • House Plans In Place – In that same vein, once we get the mortgage paid off. Next steps will be to figure out what to build. Deadline: EOY. 
  • Find A Badass Neighborhood – Laura and I are likely to be on the move again later this year for her third year of medical school. Wherever we end up, lets make it a place we’re psyched about. 
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