Sometimes you just have to take a stand, this was one of those days.

Earlier this year I was in the midst of ordering yet another unsatisfying Subway sub from my local franchisee. I didn’t want the sub, he clearly did not have much interest in making one, and yet we’d been having this same interaction once a week or so for years without breaking the cycle. I decided then and there that I would not eat Subway ever again.
I know, I know it is cheap and much healthier than most of the other options that you can get for $5. But I’d guess Subway Jared didn’t lose all that weight because he ate so much subway, he just lost his appetite from day after day of bready cold cut, bad veggie bonanzas.

For just $7 you can get an amazing sandwich from somewhere local. $2 extra per week is only $104 a year. I understand not wanting to break the bank eating out, but if you are going to purchase a meal from someone, make sure they put at least a little passion into making it. Life is too short for crappy lunch meat served with shredded lettuce.

*side note: Subway is now the largest franchise in the world, i.e. bigger than McDonald’s



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