Its been said before by many people much smarter than I, but I am constantly amazed at how often I meet people who quite literally do not read anything that does not appear on a computer screen. Yet nearly every highly successful person I meet could rattle off the last few books they’ve read without thinking twice.

My favorite excuse from business peeps is that they “don’t have time” to read. Why is it the CEO of your company (or any company for that matter) seems to find the time to pick up a business book, but you are so important that the time evades you?

Here, pick one below and read it. Today.

  • EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey – Perfect for new/small business folks. Just finished this one, cover to cover in a day. Preachy at times, but great all around.
  • Ogilvy on Advertising – If you work in marketing business and haven’t read it, do it now. If you haven’t read it in 5 years, read it again.
  • Through the Brazilian Wilderness, Teddy Roosevelt – Read this book, and then consider that Teddy rocked this adventure after his presidency.
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