Prior to our trip, I was nervous Tulum’s proximity to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen would mean meals were eaten at the Senor Frogs, and we’d be fighting cruise ship goers to get a view of anything worth taking a picture of. I was very wrong.

Just 1.5 hours and one straight shot south of the Cancun airport lies Tulum. A town unlike any other we’ve visited. We could see the ruins from our little hotel bar. The people have a aggressively chill vibe. No real presence of retirement age US expats that are present throughout many other beach areas of Mexico.  The food scene is something out of Brooklyn, with everything semi-expensive farm to table  seafood next door to 1 dollar tacos and Pacifico’s.

Go experience it for yourself, but 5 tips if you do:

  • The  Tulum ruins are amazing. Just get there before 9am to avoid the crowds.
  • Coba is worth a trip just for the climb to the top of the major pyramid, giving you a view out over the jungle for miles.
  •  The Cenotes (or freshwater cave swimming holes) are phenomenal, but the same advice goes. Crowds take away from the experience. We missed out of a few, so do your research ahead of time.
  • Eat: Unico, Kitchen Table, Mezzanine.
  • Stay: Villa Pescadores
  • Drinks: Batey (in town)

In 5 years Tulum will not look anything like it does today, as the hidden gem is no longer so hidden. So I recommend you take a trip, now. Quick.


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