So you’ve stopped making excuses, and set yourself up for success. Now what? Did you do all of this so you could watch more episodes of Live! with LT and Kelly Ripa? Freedom can be dangerous if you don’t use it well. So do something. A few ideas:

 Move somewhere for a month – Find a place on AirBnB, make them a low offer and go. few examples:

  • My buddy Brian and his wife pack their FOUR kids and heads to Boulder every summer for a month. His 50+ employees don’t miss a beat. 
  • I spent a month living at my lake-side single wide trailer. It rocked. 
  • Marc needed to spend a month studying for the bar exam free from distraction. He camped his way all the way around the state of Michigan’s remote northern wilderness. 

ROOAAD trip – Road trips are the best trips, right? Earlier in the year I drove from DC to CA almost entirely on back roads with my buddy Phil. I worked from a random coffee shop for 2-3 hours every morning, and took conference calls from the road. Nope, it didn’t cost that much.

Learn something – Spend an hour or two doing something new. Learn a language. Learn to weld, train for a race, read a book a week. Whatever it is, pick something and commit to a few hours a day focused on it.

Be a yes man – People are doing cool stuff all around you. Tag along. Want to go on a trip? Yes. Want to start a band? Yes. Want to _______ ? Yes. Just say yes.

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