Rain off the Starboard.
Rain off the Starboard.

In part 1, I looked back at 2013 –  the successes, the failures and areas for improvement based on the goals I set up this time last year. Looking ahead at the rest of 2014, my hope is to accomplish everything outlined below. Life always happens along the way, but without a target I’ll just end up day drinking and watching 10 hours a day of HBO Go, so without further adieu:


  • Knock off 1 more state – I’ve only got Alaska and Hawaii left. Neither will be cheap or easy to make happen, but the reward should be worthwhile. Who’s coming with me? (seriously, Laura can’t travel much this year)
  • Spend 20 days abroad – Last year I ended up at 14 18 (with the last minute trip to paris). 20 is within reach.
  • Take a multi-day motorcycle trip – I own a very neglected adventure mobile. Its time for that to change.


  • Formalize our processes – We’re getting better, but we’ve got a long way to go toward having a truly scaleable workflow. 
  • 1 million dollar top line revenues –  That sounds funny to say, but we’re within striking distance, and at some point I may want to sell and start my career as a crossing guard or postman. Showing a track record for growth will help. (p.s. – this will definitely mean I personally make less money.)
  • 2 weeks fully disconnected – As in, no work email. No work calls. No work.


  •  Take advantage of NYC – We’re a literal stones throw from the the big apple. No better time than now to explore everything that comes along with it. 
  • 30 days at the lake – This may prove tougher this year with Laura not having a rotation at home, but we’re also half the distance from home than when we lived in Maine.
  • Read, dummy – I read alot this year, it just happened to be a lot of crap (i.e. fiction). I’d like to knock out 6 solid business/life focused books.


  • Bike around Seneca Lake – I was able to swim across this year, but failed at biking the 80ish miles around like I hoped to do. 
  • Compete in a multi-day race – We’re just 4 weeks our from our first, the 72 hour Pangea Sea to Sea. Wait, what?
  • Complete an Xterra Triathlon – 4-5 years ago I raced in a couple Xterra off-road triathlons. Since then my running and mountain biking have improved drastically. I’m ready to compete. (you know minus that swimming thing)

 Bring. It. On.

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  1. WTF? – Where’s the entry for drink more beer with Bob in the Fitness Category for 2014 goals? Neil – I have to change my radio show name (from Airplay – yes that’s Mondays at 4 streaming at wrfi.org) and want to use Hector State of Mind. Ok by you?
    If not, sue me ya bastard.

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