I’ve been conducting an annual review of myself as a means for tracking progress (or lack thereof) for the past few years. I find the process to be an excellent mechanism for holding myself accountable, but even more important it forces me to be a bit more introspective about the year itself.

Between getting engaged, hiring my first team member and moving twice, 2013 was a very busy year. But I always like to look back at the goals I outlined this time last year to see how I faired.


    • Visit Two More States – Check. OR & WA. Just HI and AK left.
    • 20 Days Overseas – Close, but nope. 14 Days.
    • Overnight Sailing Trip – Check, 4 Nights off of Puerto Rico.
    • 30 Days at the Lake – Check. 47.


    • Profits Up 25% – We’ll sorta, Profits are down about 20% down from last year but overall I’m confident the business value has increased more than 25% with our focus on longer term process and value.
    • Get Some Help – Check. I brought on another team member who has been able to take substantial amount of the work off my shoulders.
    • Codify International Expertise – Fail. We’ve made progress, but if it isn’t documented does it really count?
    • Website Updates – Check. See: LooseGrip.net


      • Compete in Two Adventure Races – Fail. Just one this year. But I feel good knowing we’re signed up for a 72 hour race in Feb.
      • Ski 10 Times – Check.
      • Swim Across Seneca Lake – Check.
      • Bike Around Seneca Lake – Fail.


    • Pay Off Lakefront Mortgage –  Check.
    • Lake House Plans In Place – Fail.
    • Find A Badass Neighborhood – Check. We’re all settled in to Jersey City, and like it way more than expected. Badass apartment, 6 Minutes from NYC, still a bit rough around the edges. Perfect.

We had a few months of transition with a couple moves, which always seem to set me back a month or two on progress in other areas.  Based on the above there was clearly room for improvement, but all in all 2013 is definitely one for the win column.

How did 2013 net out for you?

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