Clever Bathroom SignageLets be honest, you’ve been out on the town, throwing back a cocktail or 12 and wandered your way to the bathroom. Down a dimly lit hallway, you expect to see two doors. One labels “Men’s” on labeled “Women’s”. Perhaps the were short on funds during build out, so they resorted to a M and W. Maybe they wanted to accommodate the kiddos so they’ve resorted to “boys” and “girls”

But unfortunately for you, me and every other patron who likes to have a pop or two, the fine folks at TGIFuckday’s have decided that the bathroom signage is the most appropriate place to get cute.

So now here we are, a drink or two past prime reasoning skills, trying to decide if a triceratops is more masculine than a t-rex.  Internal drunk dialogue….”well a triceratops seems to be nicer, and is a vegetarian, but they also seem kinda lazy and a bit messy. Was the t-rex is jurassic park a female?”

Or perhaps they’ve chosen to use the bathroom as the opportunity to show how cultural they are with something like “Damas” and “Caballeros”. Great, thanks for forcing me to think back to my awkward 8th grade spanish teacher just because I happened to enjoy more than one 36-ounce Dos Equis.

Or maybe they’ve elected to use the male and female astrological symbols. Because you know, a circle with a downward cross is unmistakably female, whereas a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the right is decidedly manly. Because greek gods are a relevant way to label things in 2013.

So please, future restaurant proprietors, do us all a big favor- save the kitch for the menu, your server’s “flair” or your inventive happy birthday songs.

p.s.  I know, I know – You can’t cater your offerings to the intoxicated. But be clear, children are basically just like drunk adults, and someday little Sally is going to wander into the “bouys” room instead of the “gulls” and be scarred for life.

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