All the megapixels in the world can’t seem to save you from taking, posting, and sharing hundreds of awful pictures. A simple three step recipe for taking and posting photos people want to view:
  1. Use the rule of thirds –  (i.e. don’t put your subject in the center of your viewfinder.)
  2. Don’t use your flash – Ever. The tiny flash on your point and shoot will not help. Turn off auto flash right now.
  3. Post fewer photos – You know how you took thirty shots of you and your friends at the bar, just post the good one. If there is no good one, don’t post. The event will not be erased from the history books if there is no photo documentation.

Side note- Listen, your kid is cute. Like 5 photos cute, not 185 photos cute. If grandma needs to see more, make her a photo book or something.

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