We’ve been told for our whole lives that selfishness is akin to greed. But more and more I find those who spend them most time being self-LESS, started first by putting themselves first. They figured out exactly what they wanted, made a plan to do it, and put others “needs” on hold they’d reach their goals and desires.

Even in the most charitable acts, we’re all motivated at least partially by what makes us as an individual happy; and that’s ok.

Every time you bump into someone who is doing something that they truly love every day, remember that at some point they made the decision to listen to their own desires above all others. Friends, family, strangers in need, facebook acquaintances whoever. There will come a time when you will have to put your needs and wants above all others, even if only to allow you better serve all others down the road.

The job YOU want.
The home YOU want make.
The places YOU want to go.
The people YOU want to fill your life.
The adventures YOU want to be a part of.

No one is ever going to offer you exactly the life you want. Be selfish about making one that fits you first.

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