I’ve been fortunate enough to have some business success over the last few years. I’ve been even more fortunate to be able to save a good chunk of that money rather than have my income wrapped up in a condo lease, overpriced car payment, or thousands of dollars in credit card debt. (see Truth #22 ). Growing a business is rewarding, but simply keeping up with the Jones’ is not my end game. Saving and working towards a tangible goal or “success” is much more effective motivation for me to work harder, hustle more, and keep chugging.

Success” in life looks different for everyone but somehow those who seem most satisfied with their lives have one thing in common – a clearly defined version of what success means for them and only them. The more clearly defined the goal, the more clearly defined the steps towards reaching it become.

Having a place on my hometown lake (Seneca) has been a constant goal since I left home 10 years ago. Somehow the lake just seems to draw us all back summer after summer and working towards having piece to call my own has always been a motivator.

Today, my version of success is a 2003 single-wide (yes, my home has a model year), 3 acres lakeside in my hometown, a dock with a used boat, and the career flexibility to spend time enjoying it with a boatload of friends and family (get it, boatload?). Life is not bad. 

What does your definition look like? 

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