We spend years teaching students calculus or french which serve no practical application for  the 99% who will go on to do something totally unrelated for a living. Yet I remember exactly zero times during all of H.S. or college where financial literacy was even mentioned. No wonder we are broke, both as a country and as individuals. I suggest the following curriculum be added to our ed system: 

Debt is for Douche Bags – 101 (you’ve got to have a vulgar title if you want to relate to the kids)

  1. Rich people didn’t get that way by borrowing money. Douche.
  2. You will NOT pay it off every month. Like 98% of people are carrying a balance yet everyone claims they will pay it off every month. If you can pay it off each month, why not just pay for it. Douche. 
  3. Debit cards are plenty safe. Stop using safety as an excuse for using a credit card to purchase everyday crap. Douche.
  4. Car leases are a TERRIBLE DEAL. You are signing up for debt and getting nothing in return. Douche.
  5. A $150,000 degree is a rip off. You will be paying it off for 30 years. 30 fucking years. Douche.

I’m thinking we pay Gary Busey to travel school to school getting the message out. If he isn’t available maybe Herman Cain can deliver the message along with a delicious Godfathers pizza.

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