I love to travel. I especially love to travel on two wheels, both motorized and leg powered varietals. You can see, smell, and hear your surroundings allowing a wholly different level of experience.

Bicycling through a new city, town or village allows you to really experience it, but at a much faster pace than on foot. You can maintain a connection to the place you are in, but at a speed that lets your optimize the time you have. Every major city has bike rentals. Give it a go next time you head somewhere new instead of jumping on that duck tour.

Once I get out of the city, a motorcycle quickly becomes the method of choice. For those that have never ridden it is tough to convey how different the experience of travel is when compared to a car. You are exposed, and cannot hide from interaction with the outside world in the safety of your SUV.  As you barrel down a back road zoning out is not an option. If you want to remain alive, you have to remain present. You are forced to remain alert, and notice everything.
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