So you have a job that gives you 2, or 4, or x weeks of vacation during which you do not have to come to work and they will continue to pay you? Wow that’s awesome, what did you do with your vacation days this year? Wait what? You didn’t use all of them?

Some common excuses:

  • “I’m trying to save up as many as a I can for next year.” translation: “I’ll keep not doing any thing cool with my life this year, perhaps next year I’ll become the kind of person who might be able to do something with a week or two off”
  • “My boss won’t approve the time off” translation: “I’m not very good at my job, and I’m afraid if I leave for a week everyone will notice I contribute nothing to the team.”
  • “I can’t afford a vacation” translation: “I find travel to be scary. I might bump into someone who doesn’t talk/look/act like me”

Seriously, of “1st world” nations the U.S. gets the fewest days off each year, and last year we manage to let $67 billion worth disappear. No wonder we are so much less friendly.


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