Steep cliffs and deep water,  vineyards and waterfalls. Hector.

Filled with Sailboats and ski boats, pontoons and party barges. Hector.

Where Chris Craft and Kubotas are more sought after than Mercedes and McMansions. More kegerators than cable boxes. Hector.

Where road noise comes from the road course. Where tractors and tourists cause the traffic jams. Hector.

A land of lake dogs & lake chores. Familiar traditions and family parties. Hector.

A place where PBR and Cabernet are ordered in unison. A virtual venn diagram of Nascar fans and hippies. Hector.

A land where slip and slides are fast, and the sunsets too short. Hector.

But all good things they say… so summer winds down, welcoming a fall and its accoutrements.

Ushering in a life that includes apartments and offices rather than a trailers and a docks. A life of more gym visits and fewer cocktail cruises. One with a bit less family, but a tad more focus. Hector is a hard place to leave, but coming home is always easy.

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