2017 was a memorable year. Highs, and lows. Peaks and valleys. But man, looking back makes me feel a whole lot better about things despite all the noise. We made a child. She is cute as shit. We built a sweet lake house, debt free. Traveled a bit. Learned how to be parents. Kept the lights on at LooseGrip. Hiked with our baby. Spent QT with our families. Made a baby. She is cute as shit. Wow.

Looking back at how things stacked up against the goals for 2017 below:


  • Become Father – Check. Done. Its everything they say it is. Plus some. I highly recommend it.
  • Do all Dad-to-be Stuff – Check. Nursery. New office space, etc.
  • Volunteer 10 hours/ Month – Check. Between big brothers big sisters & IM ABLE I feel like an impact is being created.
  • Finish Lake House, Debt Free – Check.
  • Two Afternoons Fully Disconnected per Week – Not even close. Best I’ve been able to do consistently is have Sunday mornings be disconnected.


  • 14 Days Overseas – 12, soooo close. 
  • Two New Countries – One, Cuba.
  • Take ASA 105 – Not even close.


  • 2x Adventure Races – One, and it was short.
  • Mountain Bike 20x times – Check.
  • 2x Overnight Backpacking Trips – One.


  • Expand with Intention – Check. We added another team member. And had our most profitable year despite all the distractions and goings on.
  • 21 Days Disconnected – Nope.
  • Optimize Client Communications – We’re making progress here.
  • Attend 1 Multi-Day Conference – Nope. 0. Nada.

About my annual review: For the last 5 or so years, I’ve tried to look back at the year before and see how it stacks up, while also setting goals for the year to come. I find the exercise invaluable as a mechanism to be inspired to do more cool stuff. As categories,  Life, Fitness, Business & Travel work best for me, but if you’d like to do your own I recommend checking out my buddy Chris’ Template to get started.

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