Nice to meet you 2012. I’m Neil. I’ve got big plans for us, I hope you don’t mind. (Provided you decide against that whole 2012 end of the world thing that is.) Overall, 2011 had a ton of successes but also a few failures, and I’m hoping that putting specific dates my tasks I’ll be more likely to knock’em out with vigor in 2012.


  • Shed “Stuff” – Purge, Purge, Purge.  In the market for some stuff? I know a guy who has got some non essential crap to get rid of. Deadline – Feb 1.
  • Volunteer – In some format, once a month. Deadline – Every month.
  • Live Music – Deadline – two shows a month, every month.
  • Lakefront Improvements – Now that I’ve got it, time to make it awesome. Deadlines – Dock May 1, Living structure – June 1.
  • Disconnect – Between phone calls, texts, tweets, facebook and emails we’re all a bit over connected. I tend to blame it on being self employed and needed to be easily reached. This is a cop out. Deadline – 2 – 3 hours a day spent fully disconnected.
  • Sail – Twice a month, every month.


  • Spend 30 Days Abroad – Why stop now.  Deadline – EOY. Micro deadline – plan first trip by Jan 15. (who’s coming with me?)
  • Take an Extended Motorcycle Adventure – The TAT perhaps?  Deadline – July
  • Visit 49 States – 4 states left, 365 days – Getting 3 seems pretty doable. OR and WA are just plain easy – deadline June 1. AK and HI? Ok, lets go for one of the two sometime in 2012.


  • Less Strategy, More Creativity – Not that they are mutually exclusive, but I got paid for an awful lot of strategy development in 2011. Which often means PowerPoint, meh. Deadline – 15% of time spent on creative work by EOY – (Campaign development, concepting, theming, taglines, etc.)
  • Profits Up 25% – Money doesn’t buy love. But it does buy hoppy beer and Earl’s sandwiches. And I love both. Deadline – EOY 2012
  • Up My Video Skills – I do fun stuff on occasion. I should be documenting better. Deadline – 1 badass video per quarter.


  • #WINNING, Duh – I’m competitive. I like winning. I accept it. Its time to win one of these adventure races. Deadline EOY.
  • Find the Next Big Challenge – A multi-day race perhaps? Deadline – sign up by 1/15.
  • Flexibility- I neglect stretching in prettty much all facets. It is time to get better about it. Deadline 15 dedicated minutes a day, every day.
  • CrossFit – I’m good about going plenty often. And I’m pretty happy with my progress over the years, but I have some glaring weak spots that I pretend don’t exist. Deadlines – DL #330, Squat #225, Power clean #200 – July 1.
  • 6 Weeks Without TV – February start sounds good. Hall pass – Superbowl.  

Watch out 2012 – Here. I. Come. 

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