First off, hat tip to Chris of The Art of Non-Conformity for the idea of doing a personal “annual review” at the conclusion of each year. Basically the concept is to evaluate your last year; where you kicked ass and where you fell flat. As I didn’t do this formally last year, its a bit more difficult to judge how I did. So for this year, it’ll be a bit more informal than I hope to do moving foward.
It was a pretty intense year with lots of life changes, big trips, and the like. Overall, I’m confident I’m in a better place today than I was a year ago, but it didn’t come without some seriously painful shit. Lots of success, but plenty of unsuccessful points as well.  Anyway, without further delay….
Part 1 –  #FAIL City, USA
  • Live Music – I wanted to see more live music this year. I’ve done ok since my blog post, but can do much, much better. FAIL.

  • Stuff – I hate stuff. Especially the kind that fills my house unnecessarily. I didn’t get rid of nearly enough. FAIL.
  • Volunteering – It makes me happy. It helps others. Tell me again why I don’t do more?
  • Boating – I own a sailboat yatch with some buddies. It went underused. FAIL.


  • All 50 States – I started the year with just 4 states left to visit all 50. I’m ending the year in the same place (unless you’d like to head to the northwest this week? I’m game.) FAIL.
  • Motorcycle – I have one. It is sweet. I didn’t put nearly enough miles on it this year. FAIL.


  • Investing – I spent most of my disposable income on travel or on the down payment for my property. Decent trade off, but my retirement saving was non existent this year. FAIL.
  • Mentors – I really wanted to find a kick-ass advisor or two and formalize what I hoped to get out of it. FAIL.


  • #WINNING – I really wanted to win an adventure race. Tough to do in general, even tougher when you only do one real race. FAIL.
  • Running – I set a goal to break my hatred for running. I gave it a go. I guess maybe I hate it a bit less, but trying to break my own stubbornness was unsuccessful. FAIL.


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