If I had to pick employees based on college GPA or years worked in the service industry, the latter would win out every time. Life in the “real-world” means you have to work for a-holes (at least for a while), deal with cheap angry customers, rely on coworkers who are not great at their job, and suck it up so you can get out of work at a decent hour.
There is no course that can teach experiencing “being in the weeds” in the back of the house, or trying to keep serving with a smile while your kitchen fucks up order after order.
The food service industry is cutthroat, and nowhere is there more contentious dialogue, but it is always out in the open as opposed to being veiled in passive aggression. All those things you wish would get said in your office, they get said in a restaurant – daily.
“Hey Tony – this food is coming out cold, pull your shit together man.”
– par for the course in the service industry.
“Tina, your PPT presentation bored the shit out of everyone today, pull it together”
 – cause for an HR intervention.

A less coddled corporate world would lead to a whole lot more work getting done, and a whole lot more people who are bad at their jobs getting shamed into working harder.


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