Seems like on a daily basis one of my friends or colleagues is explaining why they are staying home and not doing _________. "I'm taking a break from drinking" OK… are you also taking a break from fun? "I've got a really busy week." Are you really that much busier than the rest of us? 

What you are really saying "the level of fun in my life has exceeded the fun threshold of my inertly non-fun personality". You are allowed to go to concerts, bars, sporting events & vacations and not drink (or so I'm told.) I hear a lot of people talk about goals and aspirations; but why isn't "have fun" be at the top of every list ever made. Here is the switch you need to make: stop trying to do less fun things, and start trying to maximize the efficiency of your non-fun times.
  • Trying to lose weight? Work out twice, eat well once.  (also, find exercise that IS FUN)
  • Trying to save money? Fun doesn't always cost money. (also, how much does that DVR/car payment/Starbucks habit cost ya each month?)
  • Trying to get more sleep? How 'bout shutting off the T.V. before midnight?
  • Trying to drink less? Focus on getting better at dealing with hangovers rather than secluding yourself. (the best cure for a hangover is a good workout… two birds..)
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