But not in a hipster/granola, “every person is a butterfly”, “we’re all a uniquie kind of beautiful” kind of way. Normal people aren’t the problem. The normal lives of those people, now that is really scary. For example normal in the U.S means you likely:

  • Wake up and sit in 30 minutes of traffic heading to a job you likely hate, and at best tolerate.
  • Sit in a chair all day, furthering the trend of the ⅔ of us that are overweight.
  • Spend the first 3-4 hours of each day working directly to pay off our average $30k+ in college loans and $10k+ in credit card debt.
  • Come home to a spouse that we stand a coins flip of staying with long term.
  • Spend 34 hours per week on average sitting in front of the TV. (yeah, 34 fucking hours)
  • Save up all year to go on a predictable vacation where we are ensured to still be surrounded by people like us. (Less than 30% of American’s have a passport, compared to more than 75% of brits)

Normal sucks because on average, people’s lives suck. And yet somehow, we’re more comfortable living in the above than taking a risk to avoid it. I had more to say, but Dancing With The Stars just came on, and my DVR is full….


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