Unverifiable Annual Review Part Two: Looking to 2015

In part 1 I looked back at 2014’s successes, failures, and everything in between. In part two I’ll attempt to nail down goals for 2015. This year will be a big one, with a few more moves before settling in for four full years in one place. In general it’ll be fairly hectic with all the moving about and transition into a more permanent home. But as there is nothing we can change about that I’m hoping to be a bit more aggressive  and committed to my goals and ambitions for 2015 than I was in 2014.


  • Get married – See also: Move to a new city. Find a new home. Move a few more times. Deadline: 7/1
  • Shed “crap” – I’ve been able to keep the clutter at a minimum with all the moving recently, but I’ve also been known to have a few too many hobbies each of which come with piles of associated crap. My focus for 2015: only keep it if I really love it and use it. My problem is that as a recovering cheap ass, I will wear a pair of jeans I don’t like for 5 years rather than spend more than 25 dollars on a new pair. Deadline: 2/1
  • Read 12 nonfiction books – One per month should be doable. Deadline:  2/1
  • Volunteer once per month – Every month, Deadline 1/15
  • Start the lake house- We worked really hard to get the land paid off. Plans are coming together nicely, its time to break ground. Deadline: 10/1
  • Organize, formalize – With pending marriage and moving its time to get logistics and crap organized…. Drivers licenses, insurances, etc. Once we’ve got a real home, it should be easier to get our ducks in a row.


  • Formalize growth plans – LooseGrip has been fortunate to have had sizable growth for the last 5 years. This year my goal is to establish a clear 24 month plan. Deadline: 5/1
  • Blog once per month – It really shouldn’t be that hard to be more consistent.  Deadline: 1/15
  • Attend 2 non-client conferences – It’d be good to learn some things now and then. Deadline: 9/1
  • Fully fund retirement – Deadline: EOY
  • Get out of the way – Trust the processes are in place. A couple week absence for Laura and I’s honeymoon should help for me get out of the way. Deadline 4/1

Health, Fitness, Wellness:

  • Compete in another multi day adventure race –  Deadline for sign up 2/1
  • Bike around Seneca Lake – Deadline 6/1
  • Spend one day a week disconnected – from the interwebs, telephone, email,and television. Deadline – Every Sunday(s)
  • Meditate three times per week  – Minimum 20 minutes.


  • Nab states 49 & 50 – Deadline for trip plans 7/1
  • 20 days overseas – Deadline 5/1
  • 1 new continent – Deadline EOY
  • 1 Backpacking/camping trip per quarter – Deadline 3/1
  • 1 overnight motorcycle trip – Deadline 8/1

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