As I outlined in part 1, 2018 wasn’t the smoothest of years. Looking forward to 2019, I’m excited to have a fresh start. There is a lot of change on the horizon, and I’m itching to take things on head first.


  • Conduct 6 Micro Resolutions: These are 30 day challenges designed to shake things up a bit. Ideas on the list: (January: No Booze, February: No TV, August: No email)
  • Date Night(or day): x20. No children.
  • Get some help: We’ve sort of pieced together help around the house in the past. In 2019, I want to really commit to having access consistent help at least 1x per week around the house. Deadline: 3/1.
  • Sell our home. Buy a home. Great news – My wife accepted a job offer, so we’ll be moving back to NY state sometime in 2019. See ya soon Rochester.
  • Reading Appreciation Month: When we were moving from Maine, I did a month of appreciation posts highlighting something I loved about the state. Month: May.


  • Get MeetBrief out of Beta: We’re pushing hard to launch, like really launch in Q1.
  • 12 “Fuck Yeahs”: Basically our way of measuring the moments, wins and events that make for a killer year. 
  • Get Some Help: LooseGrip is almost 10 years old, I still do all bookkeeping, accounting and payroll. We can’t grow if I stay in the weeds. Deadline: 4/15
  • Speak at 1 additional conference: In 2018 I got a chance to speak at a kickass event in Bangkok. I’m aiming to do something similar in 2019.
  • Hire 1 person: 1 more person to focus 100% on MeetBrief. It’s time. Deadline 5/1


  • 1 Epic Trip: If things go well, Laura will finish residency 8 or so weeks before she starts her new job. It’s our last best chance to get a 4-6 week trip done.
  • Family Trip: We’ve been lucky enough to spend some great time having trips with my in-laws. I’m aiming to drag my rents and sister some where in 2019.
  • 1 Solo Overnight: I get a ton out of even just a single overnight trip in the woods. Deadline: 3/1


  • One Adventure race: Given the price and training requirements, one is a solid win if we can make it happen. Deadline: Register by 3/1.
  • Ease into knee recovery: I’m on the mend, itching to run and bike the distances of old me. I’ve got to be careful about ramping back up.
  • Post Knee Recovery: MTB 1x per week. Crossfit 2x per week. Ramp up to 10 mile run by 3/15.


About my annual review: For the last 8 or so years, I’ve tried to look back at the year before and see how it stacks up, while also setting goals for the year to come. I find the exercise invaluable as a mechanism to be inspired to do more cool stuff. As categories  Life, Fitness, Business & Travel work best for me, but if you’d like to do your own I recommend checking out my buddy Chris’ Template to get started.

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