Though we came home to a broken into house, (more to come) our New England road trip was excellent. A quick overview and a few shots. 

Day 1- DC to Albany – A lonnngggg drive, we got slammed with traffic at about step of the way, including a complete standstill at for a good half hour. 

Day 2- Albany to Mt. Washington via Vermont – We left Albany real early with the hope to get to Mt. Washington with time to hike a bit. We picked a great day to hit up the mountain as the weather was nearly perfect, and visibility was more than 50 miles. 

On the way off the mountain, we got a glimpse of a black bear. Leaving Mt. Washington we drove through maine towards Portland, but were unable to find a room, so we continued up the coast a bit up to Brunswick stayed at Daniel Stone Inn, which was a great find. 

Day 9- Block Island to Philly – Although we had to pass on an offer for a morning sail with an older couple from long island, the drive down to philly was pretty painless, and we made it in time to celebrate my sisters birthday with her. 

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