As I outlined in part 1, while on-the-surface 2021 was successful, it had a tinge of malaise woven throughout. Naturally that leads me to focus my energy on breaking through that feeling of languishing as Adam Grant defines it. 

Looking back with some perspective, external factors lead me to be more lax about my own discipline, and give myself a pass. Then another. And another.

I respect the notion that we need to be more gentle with ourselves. Give ourselves a pass for taking the path of least resistance. Practice self-care and all that.

However, I’m finding being kind to myself and feeling sorry for myself are very close cousins. A little too close.

The gentle-with-yourself strategy was positioned as an antidote to a short term pandemic. Which works well perhaps, in the short term. But as we roll into year 3, I think it is time to stop giving myself a pass. Because in the longer run the reality is that being kind with myself looked more toxic: 

  • Becoming more and more easily frustrated with my family. Because hey, virtual schooling and cabin fever amiright?
  • Being reactive to our clients, rather than proactive about our business goals and who we are. Because hey, we’re lucky to be in business at all right?
  • Moving from drinking 2-3 times a week to 5-6. Because hey, it’s a pandemic man.
  • Exercising a lot, but without intention or focus. Because hey, maintaining is a win in a time like this right?
  • Putting less effort into nurturing and growing personal and professional connections. Because hey, we could get sick right?

So, here’s to being a tad less gentle in 2022. Let’s find some discipline and kick some ass. “Take fast chances” as my daughter says.


  • Extended Lake Stay – 2 weeks+ straight. Deadline 7/31
  • Granny-Pod Plans – We’ve talked around building another structure at the lake for a couple years, time to make a move. Deadline: 3/30
  • 3x S.L.A.D – Or Seneca Lake Appreciation Day, meaning no chores, lake jobs or to-dos, just lake time. Deadline: 9/15
  • Automate Retirement Savings – This should be passive, and its not.
  • Read 50 Books – Kindle says I did 37 last year. Half adventure porn, half mindless novel. +13 seems doable. Deadline 12/31


  • Travel Overseas – A guy has gotta travel man. It makes me feel alive. Deadline: Flight booked by 1/15
  • 5 New NYS parks – Deadline 10/31
  • 1x Kid-Free Trip – Deadline 5/1


  • Streamline LG Offerings – Focus on the work we want to do, because we rock at it. Deadline – 6/1
  • Onboard 10 Full Price Grasp Customers. Deadline – 11/1
  • More Intentional Work/Life Policies – We managed to close shop for two weeks this year, nothing bad happened. What else can we do? Deadline 3/31
  • Speak 2x in Person – It makes me get on my game in a way Zoom just can’t. Deadline – 7/1


  • Expedition-Length Adventure Race (72+ hours) – Deadline 8/1
  • Weakness Focus at the Gym – 3x 225# Front squat, 50 Unbroken WB, 10 Unbroken ring MU. Deadline – 7/1
  • Run Sub-5 Minute mile – Deadline: 5/5.
  • Mobility – I have the hip mobility of an 80 year old, making long bike/run/gym sessions painful. Deadline Double pigeon by 6/15
  • Wall Backflip – Sometimes you need to try stupid hard things for no good reason. Don’t worry, I’ll post a video. Deadline 5/5

See you out there.

About my annual review: For the last 10 or so years, I’ve tried to look back at the year before and see how it stacks up, while also setting goals for the year to come. I find the exercise invaluable as a mechanism to be inspired to do more cool stuff. The categories Life, Fitness, Business & Travel work best for me, but if you’d like to do your own I recommend checking out my buddy Chris’ Template to get started.

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