As I mentioned in my post on 5 things I’d tell my self while starting a business, It is natural for me to feel like as an entrepreneur that I need to be tied to my work. For the first time I was able to allow myself to feel like it was OK with taking advantage of my lifestyle. I am overly competitive about pretty much everything and it was driving me to feel like I had to being doing “better” business-wise every month (i.e. making more money).  But making the mental switch toward being better at living, vs just working allowed me to accomplish alot.


  • More Lake, Less Office – I spent more than a month on the lake, working from my ‘rents. Spent more time than I had in years on a boat, drink in hand.
  • Purchased My Own Piece of Heaven – i.e. lakefront in my hometown in upstate NY.
  • Quit Eating at Subway – Never going back.
  • Made Some Tough Decsions – but ones that needed to be made, for all involved.


  • 10 Countries (8 New) Visited  – Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, & Germany totaling 36 days abroad.
  • Route 1 – Drove the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Great Business Trips- Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans, Indy, PHX, NYC, Kentucky, and Philly.


  • Picked up a West-Coast Client – Helping me feel less tied to the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Ran Social Media – for a major NASCAR Event. All access, not to shabby.
  • Saw Profits Up – 25, 35, 45% year to year.
  • Got The Tax Man Off my Back – Got my accounting life in order after a couple years of making mistakes.


  • Fitness Forward – Knocked out another 24 hour adventure race, a couple of running specific events and hit crossfit 4-5 times a week.
  • Got More Sleep – and bought a decent bed for the first time.


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